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Animal Work

Animal Healing and Communication

Is your animal hurt or behaving abnormally?
Would you like to better understand your animal?

With a special bond and compassionate connection with animals, Judy has combined certified training in Healing Touch for Animals with a lifetime of awareness of energy fields surrounding both people and animals and observations of body language into a unique profession.

Healing and Your Animal

Assessing energy flow (chi) with her hands she opens energy centers, as needed. Prompted by both her own and the animal’s guides, she then redirects this energy flow to promote healing. Her work includes this energetic healing and communication with animals.

Judy believes we are all souls filled with light. Animals are particularly sensitive to Judy’s healing hands, open heart and ability to intuit where there is need for further treatment.

With Memories

With Memories

With my new friend via traveling to India

With my new friend via traveling to India

With Ernie, Sushi and Oscar

With Ernie, Sushi and Oscar

With Dixie

With Dixie



A Typical Session

In a typical session Judy will silently ask for protection and for your animal’s permission to work on it. Using her hands, she will assess the animal’s entire body, releasing areas of blocked energy or pain while redirecting this unseen, life-giving internal flow.

At times, she may see or hear something answering any pending questions regarding your animal. At other times, sensing a strong negative energy flow, she may direct you to take immediate evasive action to avoid danger, or to be more patient with your animal.

Judy will tell you of telepathic conversations she has with your animal as they occur. Animal’s requests are often very direct.

Sessions typically last from about 30 – 50 minutes, and are terminated when she is guided to stop. This includes the opportunity to discuss your animal’s needs and how to implement her recommendations. If necessary, Judy may follow up via phone for any needed clarification or feedback.

Long Distance Healing
If your pet is unable to meet with Judy in person, long-distance healings are available. Please call for details.


Fees are discussed in advance. If travel is involved, there will be an additional charge.


* Early detection of possible physical problems (disease)
* Improved wound and fracture healing
* Pain Control
* Anxiety reduction
* Improved circulation with skin problems
* Emotional bonding with your animal
* Learning about your animal’s “voice”
* Improved understanding of your animal’s needs
* A more peaceful passing, if your animal is dying

A True Story

Judy shares this story of her relationship with a lovely creature named Zanie. Click here.



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