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This story is about a very special horse that I knew quite well, and upon whom I had done energetic healing, and communicated with more than a handful of times over the year or two previous to this story. Of all the animals with whom I have come into contact in my work, I felt a special connection with this horse. Her name was Zanie.

When we first met, Zanie immediately put her nose into my hands. Her owner asked what I had in my hands, but there was nothing. Zanie told me I had magic hands. She knew I was there to communicate with and help her, and she wasted no time in letting me know. She communicated with me right away. One of the first times I met with Zanie, I was instructed by a guide that she had a birth defect which had to do with ulcers and that it would be a recurring problem for her.

The last time I was called to see Zanie, I knew she was in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, I was out of town at the time, and her owner called in a vet out of desperation. The vet performed a procedure on the horse to prevent colic, which, in most cases would have been a good thing. The next day, to be proactive, the vet came back and performed the procedure again, unbeknownst to the owner. Later that day, the owner reached me and I came right away. She was in great pain and I could feel her pain as if it was my own. As soon as I walked up to Zanie, she immediately started communicating with me. She told me the following:

She mentioned that she did not like to talk when she felt so bad. She said that it would be wiser to be fed pellets instead of hay, and that she was not getting enough water. She also mentioned that she was having an allergic reaction to the oil and that it was making her sick.

I did not understand this last statement at first, as I had not been told that the vet had previously administered oil to her, and Zanie had not been that detailed in her communication. Next, Guides came to me, as they usually do, and gave me further instruction, as well as confirmation about some issues. They confirmed that her pain was caused by ulcers, that colic was not an issue and that she immediately needed to be administered Tagamet for her ulcers. They also informed me of a different way for her to be fed in order to avoid air getting into her system when she ate, and that this was important.

Although the guides were generously offering all these wonderful insights into Zanie’s current situation, when the session was ending, it became completely clear to me that the only real lasting release for her, at that point, was for her to pass on. I knew at that moment that my presence was there to help her to do this. Now, don’t be confused about what the guides were saying and what I was feeling. Guides are not there to dictate or influence the soul’s existence here. They are simply there to guide the soul while on the physical plane.

My feelings regarding Zanie’’s passing were finally confirmed by Zanie herself, at the end of the session, when she put her head on my shoulder and asked me for permission to pass on. When the session ended I could feel that Zanie was no longer in pain. The pain was gone and I had accomplished my mission in helping her to go peacefully, and without pain. Zanie passed on later that evening. But this is not the end of the story, as the next day a wonderful thing happened. I returned to the ranch for some other business and as I was walking to my car I felt a strong nudge, like a wet nose, on my backside. I turned around and there was Zanie, in the soul body. She looked beautiful, healthy and happy. She asked me if she could go ahead and do what she needed to do. I said yes and I watched her run all around that ranch, in and out of stalls, up and down hills, and she finally ran up a hill and joined a pack of the most beautiful, angelic horses who were waiting for her there. It was the most awesome, beautiful sight to behold and I will never forget the pure joy I felt at that moment.

Also, as a side note I would like to mention Zanie’s owner’s comments after it was over. She was so very happy that Zanie was asking for permission to pass on, and that she was happy, in peace and pain free when she did.

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