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Energy Work and Healing

Do you have questions about your health?
Do you have a chronic illness or an addiction?
Do you need help with an important decision in your life?
Do you have undue stress in your life?
Have you lost a pet or a loved one?

Through energy work, observations of body language, channeling, healing touch, psychic abilities and God-given talents, Judy Inman successfully helps people and animals overcome a wide variety of illnesses and problems in their lives.

Energy Work…

can best be described as seeing and feeling energy within and surrounding the client. Then, through assessment of energy blockages, this life force/energy is redirected and balanced, promoting healing and providing an experience of inner harmony.

Psychic Talents and Channeling…

aid in the overall healing. Prompted by both her own and the client’s guides, Judy receives valuable information through clairvoyance and clairaudience to further help and direct the client.

Healing Touch…

certification rounds out the picture of this therapeutic process by altering the body’s energy system to influence self-healing. Judy’s work helps individuals emotionally, physically and spiritually.

A Typical Session…

begins with an assessment from head to toe. Once blocked energy centers are detected, they are opened, then Judy is directed to go to the part of the body that is in need of healing. This is where Judy re-directs energy as needed.

Frequently, Judy will “see” and/or “hear” additional information to help the client at this time, then the information is passed on to the client. On occasion, information not related to the problem at hand needs to be passed on to the client.

Sessions generally last from about 30 – 50 minutes. Sessions are terminated when Judy is guided to stop. This includes the opportunity to discuss your needs and how to implement her recommendations. As needed, Judy will follow up via phone for any needed clarification or feedback.

Long Distance Healing

If you are unable to meet with Judy in person, long-distance healings are available. Please call for details.


Fees are discussed in advance. If travel is involved, there will be an additional charge.

Benefits include…

* Spiritual guidance
* Early detection of possible physical problems (disease)
* Improved wound and fracture healing
* Pain Control
* Anxiety reduction
* Improved circulation with skin problems
* Improved breathing
* Emotional healing
* Increased peace of mind
* A more peaceful passing

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