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Psychic Work

Psychic (Medium) Work and Channeling…

…assist in overall healing.
Prompted by her guides, Judy receives precise direction and information through clairvoyance and clairaudience (seeing and hearing).   Sometimes messages are delivered through Judy from loved ones who have crossed over into the next dimension

Through these gifts, using her openness to spirit and innate intuitive abilities, she can help reveal your unique needs at the time of your session.

These often unrecognized needs may include, but are not limited to:




personal decisions

health issues

geographic relocation

departed dear ones

past life experiences

life’s purpose or spiritual path

Below are some client testimonials:

Linda M., Minneapolis, MN
I was at a friend’s house when Judy came over. I was moving to the Midwest and was concerned about my move. I wasn’t sure why I was moving out there. All I knew was that I had to move. I told Judy I was questioning the move. Then she told me that I would be moving in order to heal. When she said this I was not ill at all.

Once I got to the Midwest I got a strong nudge to see a doctor after a couple of months. I found this wonderful doctor who told me that I was seriously ill and he put me on bed rest for 3 months. I had to stop all physical activity and rest. It’s now been one and a half years and I feel so much better. I got released from his care as of March 2003.

Thank you Judy!

Cathy M., San Diego, CA
I have known Judy for a couple of years, having sessions with her every few months. I was not sure why I was guided to see Judy this last time, but knew I was there for a reason. About ¾ of the way through the session, Judy mentioned there was a presence that wished to share something. She said it was someone that had recently died of cancer. She said this presence was referring to a child.

Judy asked me if I knew who it was. It fit the description of my ex husband, who died recently. He was the father of my child. My ex husband’s message let me know that the way he acted during our divorce and subsequent years, was the only way he knew how to deal with the situation. Then he extended flowers to me. He also mentioned that he didn’t know, when he made the decisions to do what he did, that it would affect my son so much. I understood perfectly what this message meant and why I needed to hear it. It was very personal, and exactly the conversation we would have had, had we talked before he died. The tone and the words that Judy used when “quoting” my ex-husband were exactly in the way that he would have spoken. It was as if he was there in the room physically. Judy even quoted him referring to my son with the name he used, not the name she has heard me call my son.

I know now that I needed to have closure with my ex-husband, and feel healthier emotionally because of this experience. The guidance and sensitivity Judy demonstrates during her sessions make the experience comfortable and safe. I am a believer in the energy around us, and the flow of energy around us, and am fortunate to know Judy, and benefit from her gifts.

Nancy S., Carlsbad, CA
I had been looking for a condo to buy for about 3 months. Finally I found one that I liked, could afford and was in a great location! I put an offer on it in January. It was accepted and I had my inspector and Judy evaluate the property. The place had just been painted and carpeted and looked great! While the inspector got started inside, I took Judy to see the rest of the unit.

We made our way back to the bathroom and Judy psychically picked up that there had been a large leak in that area. She said, “It was not a little one!” She was also picked up that there was still moisture in the walls and mold was growing. The owners had not disclosed a leak so she told me to ask the owner about any water leaks that may have happened. When I asked, the owner hem-hawed a bit before answering, “Yes. There was a small leak from the neighbor’s condo kitty-corner from this one and the water came out in the master closet.” He showed us where the plumber had made a hole in the wall. It was patched and wasn’t visible.

Since the location of the leak was revealed, the inspector looked under the carpet for any signs of moisture. He suggested that since there was no visible sign of any mold or moisture we take an air sample and have it analyzed. We did, but by the end of the inspection I could feel an irritation in my lungs. The next day, my chest was still tight and I knew I would have problems living there so I cancelled my contract.

I’ve known Judy for three years and have never known her to be wrong when it comes to her psychic abilities. I feel grateful she helped me and know this has prevented me from making a huge mistake. I will be forever thankful.

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