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The following are just a few testimonials by people who have benefited from Judy’s gifts.

Nancy S., California

I met Judy through a friend and had her work on my Arabian mare after she took a spill. My horse (Zanie) had fallen on her left knee and it swelled to about the size of a cantaloupe. Judy came out the very next day and worked on her for the first time. Judy began to work on her and Zanie kept looking down at Judy’s hands. Judy giggled saying, “She wonders what I have in my hands.” Zanie kept looking until Judy showed Zanie her hands. Zanie immediately put her nose in them sniffing away trying to smell what it was that Judy had? I know now that Zanie could feel the energy coming from Judy’s hands when she was working on her. Needless to say, by the very next day almost all of the swelling had disappeared. A week later, Zanie was still a little bit off, so I asked Judy to give her a second treatment. She did, and then Zanie was back to normal. Read Zanie’s story.



Some time after Judy had worked on Zanie, it was my turn. The job I had at the time required some extended hours on the computer. I had had occasional problems with my neck and had gone through weeks of physical therapy for it.

Judy was out at the horse ranch, again, working on another horse when I arrived to get Zanie out. I was in a lot of pain with my neck and had a hard time putting on Zanie’s halter. I planned to just take her on a little walk so she could get out of her corral for a bit. Judy saw me and said, “Are you in pain?” I said, “Yes!” She said, well come over here and let me give you a “mini”. I didn’t hesitate! I sat right down. Judy lightly touched my shoulders and her hands began to shake or vibrate. I could feel things moving around deep in my shoulders and neck. I was completely out of pain in only 10 minutes! I could hardly believe it. Judy gave Zanie orders to not pull on her lead rope too hard so that I could stay relaxed as we walked and she cooperated. I was amazed! I had full range of motion with my neck and it didn’t hurt anymore! That was all I needed to know that Judy is gifted and for real.

Judy has worked on me numerous times since and has helped me heal from periodic back and neck pain, sinus infections and yeast infections. When she healed my sinus infection I swore I would never go back to my Doctor for it again. Normally, my doctor put me on antibiotics and sometimes I would go through 3 different kinds until the sinus infection was gone. For those of you who have experienced yeast infections, you know they can follow the use of antibiotics. For us women it is a common occurrence. Before you know it, I’m back at the Doctors and then taking more medication to get rid of the yeast infections! It’s a viscous cycle. When Judy takes it away, I don’t have to take any medication. It’s that simple.

Judy is a professional healer with a real gift from god. I have been happy to share her expertise with my friends and now, with you.

Marcia H., California

I’ve had 3 sessions with Judy Inman in the past 5 weeks. The first resulted in my being freed from a debilitating pattern of negative thinking about my job that was making my life miserable. I didn’t know her and must admit I didn’t expect anything at all except a pleasant massage. I walked away after 15 minutes in Judy’s presence awakened to a new life (actually, I kind of floated away in a golden haze). I have renewed energy,inner strength and confidence. I’m finding my loved ones, co-workers and total strangers reacting to me in a way that confirms that I’m now radiating positive energy.

I went through a very difficult, busy 3 weeks at work after my second session with Judy without my trademark emotional meltdown. What an amazing difference, you have NO idea. Wish I’d met her YEARS ago!

My third session took place when I was backsliding a bit into my old patterns, and I again experienced a release of negative energy and a “psychic realignment” that put me back on track again. Her sessions also resulted in my PMS symptoms being dramatically lessened, two months in a row. That in itself would be wonderful—without the turnaround in my mental patterns.

Both Judy’s wise guidance and ability to focus energy have truly helped lift me out of a rut I’d dug myself into over the course of many years. The pent up anger, fear and general negative pattern of my thoughts was drowning me in despair. I have her to thank for giving me a new lease on life, and I whole-heartedly recommend Judy’s energy work and spiritual guidance to anyone lucky enough to learn about her.

I find I can’t really express in words satisfactorily what I’m still experiencing from our sessions. I can only thank my guardian angel for leading me to your doorstep, and try to do my best to radiate light in the world as an expression of my gratitude. You are an angel and a sweetheart, and I thank you with all my heart for helping me.

Cynthia A., California

Before I get into my personal experiences, I am compelled to say that I would recommend Judy to anyone who is fortunate enough to have the open mind to accept her gifts to help them. She truly is gifted and has a heart of gold.

Judy has helped my dog and I more times than I can remember.

The most profound experience I have had is when she met the animal who was to be my dog. He was at the local dog pound and he spoke to her, from across the kennel, at a time when I was looking to get a dog. She knew immediately that the dog was for me and she brought us together. He was not a dog I would have considered on my own, but I checked him out and decided to take him. What a perfect match! He is exactly the right dog for me and we will be forever grateful for her help in hooking us up. It is a match made in heaven.

Personally, Judy has helped me with many ailments and has helped me make better-informed decisions regarding my health care. When I badly injured my knee, an Orthopedist I saw could not be sure of the extent of the damage without performing a $500 test. It was either bad enough that it would not heal without an operation, or it would get better on it’s own. Judy was able to determine that my knee would heal, and it did, in record time. I was spared the expense of a costly test that would have told me the same thing.

I had been a pack-a-day smoker for 17 years. When I finally decided to quit, I saw Judy to help me cope with the withdrawal and psychological effects. Not only was she able to pull mass amounts of smoke-ridden energy out of me – which had been due to my smoking, but after the third day I was pretty much ok.

I have had numerous other healing experiences, both physical and emotional, with Judy that have all ended in a better condition for me. I will continue to see her for diagnoses, healings or adjustments and I thank my lucky stars that I will have the opportunity to do so.

Nancy I, California

This morning while walking alone in the dark at Lake Murray I fell. I must have fainted before the fall. I apparently lost consciousness again when I stood up and tried to walk. I remember everything looking black and feeling very heavy. I knew I needed to sit or lie down on the road but couldn’t find a way to lower myself without further hurting my already injured palms.

Fortunately an angel friend appeared behind me as I wandered aimlessly back and forth across the road. She ran up to me and caught me before I walked off into the cement ditch below. Had I done this, further injury would have been certain. After an ambulance ride to the emergency room and being checked over there, I was pronounced well enough to come home.

As I prepare now to crawl into bed to sleep and ease everything that is hurting, Judy calls me on the phone concerned. She has learned about my fall from my lake rescuer. I tell her about my fall and that I just want to rest. After this brief conversation, we hang up. Soon after hanging up, while cuddled amongst pillows propping all my sore parts, I see two cupped hands above me on my inner screen. I fleetingly think they look like Judy’s hands or like someone giving a blessing. From each hand light flows down onto me. I feel greatly comforted seeing this and fall into deep sleep.

When I see Judy the following day I tell her of this experience. She asked, “What time did this happen?” After comparing notes on the time, she continued, “That’s exactly when I did a distance healing on you.” Now I realized that more than one angel had helped me on this day!

A True Story

Judy shares this story of her relationship with a lovely creature named Zanie. Read her story.

Linda M., Minneapolis, MN

I was at a friend’s house when Judy came over. I was moving to the Midwest and was concerned about my move. I wasn’t sure why I was moving out there. All I knew was that I had to move. I told Judy I was questioning the move. Then she told me that I would be moving in order to heal. When she said this I was not ill at all.

Once I got to the Midwest I got a strong nudge to see a doctor after a couple of months. I found this wonderful doctor who told me that I was seriously ill and he put me on bed rest for 3 months. I had to stop all physical activity and rest. It’s now been one and a half years and I feel so much better. I got released from his care as of March 2003.

Thank you Judy!

Cathy M., San Diego, CA

I have known Judy for a couple of years, having sessions with her every few months. I was not sure why I was guided to see Judy this last time, but knew I was there for a reason. About ¾ of the way through the session, Judy mentioned there was a presence that wished to share something. She said it was someone that had recently died of cancer. She said this presence was referring to a child.

Judy asked me if I knew who it was. It fit the description of my ex husband, who died recently. He was the father of my child. My ex husband’s message let me know that the way he acted during our divorce and subsequent years, was the only way he knew how to deal with the situation. Then he extended flowers to me. He also mentioned that he didn’t know, when he made the decisions to do what he did, that it would affect my son so much. I understood perfectly what this message meant and why I needed to hear it. It was very personal, and exactly the conversation we would have had, had we talked before he died. The tone and the words that Judy used when “quoting” my ex-husband were exactly in the way that he would have spoken. It was as if he was there in the room physically. Judy even quoted him referring to my son with the name he used, not the name she has heard me call my son.

I know now that I needed to have closure with my ex-husband, and feel healthier emotionally because of this experience. The guidance and sensitivity Judy demonstrates during her sessions make the experience comfortable and safe. I am a believer in the energy around us, and the flow of energy around us, and am fortunate to know Judy, and benefit from her gifts.

Nancy S., Carlsbad, CA

I had been looking for a condo to buy for about 3 months. Finally I found one that I liked, could afford and was in a great location! I put an offer on it in January. It was accepted and I had my inspector and Judy evaluate the property. The place had just been painted and carpeted and looked great! While the inspector got started inside, I took Judy to see the rest of the unit.

We made our way back to the bathroom and Judy psychically picked up that there had been a large leak in that area. She said, “It was not a little one!” She was also picked up that there was still moisture in the walls and mold was growing. The owners had not disclosed a leak so she told me to ask the owner about any water leaks that may have happened. When I asked, the owner hem-hawed a bit before answering, “Yes. There was a small leak from the neighbor’s condo kitty-corner from this one and the water came out in the master closet.” He showed us where the plumber had made a hole in the wall. It was patched and wasn’t visible.

Since the location of the leak was revealed, the inspector looked under the carpet for any signs of moisture. He suggested that since there was no visible sign of any mold or moisture we take an air sample and have it analyzed. We did, but by the end of the inspection I could feel an irritation in my lungs. The next day, my chest was still tight and I knew I would have problems living there so I cancelled my contract.

I’ve known Judy for three years and have never known her to be wrong when it comes to her psychic abilities. I feel grateful she helped me and know this has prevented me from making a huge mistake. I will be forever thankful.

Marcia H, Encinitas, CA

I have a daughter named Jasmine. OK, she has whiskers and a tail and is technically my cat, not my child. She is sweet and beautiful, a very special little purr-son and my favorite cat of all time. She’s 14 now and recently had a cancerous tumor removed from her neck that my vet thought beforehand was a benign cyst. She also tests positive for feline leukemia, meaning her days are supposedly numbered. All of this combined is a mother’s worst nightmare, as any mother can tell you. Judy came into my life a few years ago and has helped me tremendously. It occurred to me after Jasmine’s surgery that she could help her, too.

Now Jasmine is the kind of cat who hides when the doorbell rings, even if the visitor is someone she knows well. When Judy arrived for our session I knew it was going to be challenging to find her, much less approach her. We chased her through the house for a few minutes and at one point, Jasmine flew past us and headed down the stairs. Quite unexpectedly, Jasmine stopped in her tracks on the second stair and froze. She turned slowly and stared at Judy in apparent amazement. Judy reported Jasmine was beginning to talk, and I’ll be doggoned if it wasn’t perfectly apparent that was what was happening. Jasmine settled down and looked from Judy to me in obvious wonderment.

Over the rest of the session, Jasmine became increasingly relaxed, even stretching and yawning repeatedly, revealing obvious comfort and ease. This was unheard of behavior with a stranger and strong evidence Judy emits energy that calms and soothes even anti-social little scaredy-cats like my baby. What Judy relayed to me from her was even more compelling. I learned my little darling knows more about me, my thoughts and emotions than I ever dreamed. These are not things Judy knew about me, I assure you. Trivial little facts about my home life, the bed I sleep in, my hopes for getting a puppy someday, things too numerous to mention all came up in Jasmine’s reading. It was most enlightening.

The most dramatic result of our session is the relief from gnawing anxiety I’ve enjoyed since Judy’s visit. She directed healing energy Jasmine’s way, and Jas has now recovered completely from her surgery. She seems as young, frisky and energetic as ever, showing no signs of her age or infirmities. My heart is light again – I can cuddle with my baby with no dread that she’s suffering or leaving me soon. I can’t describe how grateful I am to Judy for sharing her gift with me and my precious kitty.

There is no way to measure the help she can give to people with aging, sick or misbehaving animals. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself. I constantly recommend her enthusiastically to everyone I know and several of my friends have called me in utter amazement after their animal’s readings. They are all so grateful I referred them to Judy.

Judy is that rarest of pearls, sweet, pure and positive, and I’m very lucky to know her.

Thank You.

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