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Judy Inman is a caring, spiritually-oriented, intuitive and natural healer who also has the gift of communicating with animals. She believes we are souls filled with light. She has refined her skills through the Healing Touch Certification Program (endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Assoc.), and through the Canine and Equine Healing Touch Program.

Her background includes training in traditional and alternative modalities such as nursing, healing touch, hospice work and massage therapy.

About Judy

Judy’s journey to her work in Energetic Healing and Healing Touch has been less than direct. Trained as a flight attendant, she flew both domestic and overseas routes. Following this Judy received training separately in massage, nursing and in-home health care. She further added to her experience by working in hospitals, nursing homes, in private homes and with Hospice.

Before she took her first Healing Touch class she knew she had the capacity to do energy work. She had always felt she was different as a child yet kept silent. She now knows this “difference” to be psychic abilities. She did not know where to use her abilities until guided to heal. She then narrowed in on her God-given talents.

She has a unique gift of combining modalities. Not only can she understand what others feel, but often also receives relevant guidance. Termed clairvoyance and clairaudience, these intuitive natural gifts fit right into her Healing Touch work. These abilities, combined with a deeply spiritual side, have allowed her to find a setting where she has been able to uniquely help people and animals. Her deep love and connection with animals is a life-long passion.

Whereas most Healing Touch practitioners and Energetic Healers are skilled primarily in techniques, Judy’s added abilities to “read” others gives her valuable additional information to help her clients. These clients offer such remarks as, “You’ve helped me more than anyone else has been able to.”, “You were right, I needed the surgery. Thank you for the advice”, and “How did you know”, etc.

Cognizant that these talents can bring to her information about which her clients may not be consciously aware, Judy knows that she has a deep responsibility here to exercise sound judgment. She knows what and when to communicate with her clients.

Judy is a highly skilled, truly talented, intuitive health professional.


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